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Silicone Hoop Running Spray

Oxford Croquet's Unique Silicone Hoop Running Spray

  • Makes Balls Slip through Hoops
  • Works on all Balls and Hoops
  • Cleans and Protects
  • Does not Harm the Court
  • Biodegradable

Silicone SprayFed up with sticking in hoops?

A quick spray with Oxford Croquet's unique Silicone Hoop Running Spray makes the ball slip through the uprights of the hoop no matter how tight and rough they may be. In a handy 400 ml can you can spray your way to success. The unique silicone formula decreases the friction of the ball against the uprights whilst not affecting the topspin. Silicone preserves the waterproofing on all types of balls and cleans the surface. It is non-toxic and pleasantly scented.
Silicone Hoop Running Spray - one squirt away from success™

Exclusively available from Oxford Croquet - the premier web site for everything connected with Association Croquet.

DH writes:

I am delighted with the Silicone Hoop Running Spray that you recently supplied. Unfortunately the spray transfers onto the balls, then to my hands and the mallet shaft making it difficult to grip. I have resolved this by gluing a pair of gloves onto my shaft which makes it easy (and quite pleasant) to grip. But I am having difficulty picking up my balls - can you help?

Coming soon - The Oxford Croquet Glove Glue.

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