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Oxford Croquet's Sureshot Croquet Boots

Point your feet where you want the ball to go and swing the mallet!

Could it be this easy? YES!
With the Oxford Croquet Sureshot Croquet Boots

Simply stalk the ball as normal and align your feet to point at the target and swing the mallet! The funnel-shaped channel gathers and directs the mallet head precisely in the right direction to strike the centre of the ball towards the target.

The computer generated curvature of the channel reduces jarring at the ankles and the channel surfaces are coated with a high technology low friction coating to maintain the momentum of the mallet.

The Sureshot Croquet Boots have flat soles and do not damage the court.

As an extra bonus, when off the court, they can assist you putting your feet up!

Please state UK shoe size when ordering.

Exclusively available from Oxford Croquet - the premier web site for everything connected with Association Croquet.

Sureshot croquet boots

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