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All Weather Indoor Croquet

Croquet tableOur innovative hand-crafted tables feature a unique top which rotates to reveal an indoor croquet court, upholstered in flame retardant velvet. The playing pieces - hand enginneered in aluminium, wood and brass, with balls made from phosphor bronze - are small objects of desire!

Now you can play croquet in warmth and comfort, all year round, whatever the weather.

This sleek contemporary reversible dining table is hand-crafted from English oak. The elegant lines conceal the strength and stability required to sustain the rotating mechanism.

Lesley & Newton's tables are all bespoke - style, dimensions, wood used and the colour of the playing surface may be chosen to order.

Delivery is from 6-8 weeks, Price is £3,995 dropped from £8,000 including VAT and delivery anywhere in the UK. Dimensions: 7ft x 4ft approx.


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