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The English CA and some federations have maintained indoor carpets for use in village or sports halls, etc. which are generally a couple of layers of carpet underfelt-type material in which inserts are made for special hoops. Most carpets are smaller than full-size!

The carpets play very fast and reveal that few halls have level or flat floors. Duncan Hector reports in an article in the Croquet Gazette (331, April/May, 2011):

"The carpet is stored at the Ross Piers Sports Centre and laid out by the staff ready for the day’s play. The final touches are done by early players who add white tape to mark boundaries and Hoover up stray bits of something. The hoops are welded to metal plates about a foot square. These plates are surfaced with green material that matches the carpet. The centre peg, corner flags and yard line pegs get similar treatment.

The join between the plate and carpet can be dodgy—deflections happen—so it is best to play outside the plate area. The hoops have an attitude and can be very difficult for first timers. Don’t expect to bounce cleanly off the wire, because sure as eggs are eggs your ball will rattle in the jaws and stay there. Hitting harder seems to rile the hoops even more. A soft, "silky smooth" shot works well and means that you have a chance of a rush on the get away ball. "

"I don’t know the size of the carpet. Probably 25 x 20 yards. Small enough for most people to hit a good proportion of long shots. So A and B baulks are shortened from the corner to hoop 1 or hoop 3 making a longer shot to the East boundary."

A request in January 2013 for a supplier revealed that the original supplier, 'Croquet for Leisure' run by Syd Jones, no longer traded but carpets were made for him by Verdesports http://www.artificialgrass.org.uk/

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