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Lawn Care
Lawn Care and Construction

These articles are written for the English climate unless stated otherwise. The information is given in good faith and is used at your own risk.

Five Simple Tips for a Good Lawn

short grass better than long
  1. Keep grass short. 
  • encourages grass varieties which thrive when short. 
  • creates a tight sward by preventing crowns of grass hiding bare earth.
  • discourages broad leaved weeds (e.g. clover, dandelions and plantains).
cut only 1/3rd off
  1. Do not shorten grass by more than 1/3rd of its length per day in a cut.
  • cutting too much off the length of the grass weakens it.
  1. Remove clippings when cutting the lawn.
  • dead grass creates a mat of thatch which prevents water absorption and facilitates mould and fungus growth.
do not over water
  1. Do not water until the grass is starting to brown.
  • overwatering makes the grass lazy and it develops a shallow root structure. This causes weak turf which is easily damaged and susceptible to drought.
adverse conditions
  1. Allow grass to lengthen in adverse conditions.
  • gives the grass more resilience when cold (autumn, winter and spring) or in drought conditions.

Lawn Construction and Maintenance

Artificial Surfaces

Pest Control

Lawn Care Equipment


Cross section of the court at the 2011 British Opens at Surbion

Core showing 2" root growth. Click image for enlargement. Coin is 1" (25.4mm) in diameter.

Turf structure of the Surbiton courts used for the 2011 British Opens.

The courts ran at 10 -13 Plummers. The mowing height was set to 5mm. Note root structure extends down for ~2".

Turf at Surbiton 2011 British Opens
Coin (22.5mm) pressed onto turf

Roehampton lawns

Left. Superb turf at the 2013 Worlds at the Roehampton Club. Grass was cut to 2.75mm. Woking's grass was cut to 4mm for the Worlds. Clubs would aim at 6mm for normal play.

Web Links to Sites Concerned with Turf-care

This section gives links to sites offering equipment and supplies of interest to people creating or maintaining croquet courts. No endorsement is intended by including a supplier in this listing. Caveat Emptor.

Suppliers are welcome to bring their sites to our attention - use the feedback button below. Suitable sites will be included.

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