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Croquet Clubs

This section is intended to help people locate croquet clubs. If you are looking for Croquet Clubs in other countries also look in the Contacts and Website lists in the Contacts and Links Section. For information concerned with managing clubs (constitutions, Health and Safety, etc.) see the Club Management Section.

Please help keep these listing up to date by locating an existing club (via 1 & 2 below) and editing its details, or use 3 to submit details about omitted clubs.

1). Find your Nearest Club

Via Google Maps. Click the map to select your region of interest

Map of World North America South America United Kingdom New Zealand Australia Africa Asia Europe

This program works without the necessity of having software installed on your machine. Click the on the region of interest on the map above, or one of the links below which centres the display on a region.

2). Listing of Clubs by Country

Text listing of Clubs with their location and website

Text list of croquet clubs by country

3). Submit Club Details

Click to Submit Club Details
Update a Club Page

If you wish to add a club or modify the details or position of an existing club click on the picture above..


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