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How to Play Croquet

Croquet consists of a few basic strokes, but like the moves in chess, once you have mastered them a complex tactical game results. This section gives a complete introduction to Association Rules croquet (also known as International Rules croquet) from an absolute beginner to a top player.

The material below is arranged in approximate order of complexity. Note there is a glossary of croquet terms. At the end are references to croquet scoring notation and croquet computer and board games.

Please note that Oxford Croquet is the private site of Dr Ian Plummer and is not associated with Oxford University or its sports clubs, any company, the Croquet Association or any other bodies.



For the Complete Beginner

Foreign Language Introductions

Miscellaneous Beginners' Material on Tactics

Miscellaneous Beginners' Material


Intermediate Level Coaching

For handicaps of around 14 down to around 6



Virtual Croquet


Advanced Level Material


Super Advanced Play

John Riches' Croquet Booklets

Oxford Croquet is pleased to host John's publications. Eight booklets cover Tactics, Techniques, Sports Psychology and Refereeing. The booklets will be added at approximately monthly intervals over 2003/4.


Additional Material


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