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Intermediate Coaching Notes

Section 3. Changing Pivot in a Four-Ball Break

This is a simple procedure and an easy practice routine can be played where you change pivot every hoop. The colours of the balls cannot be ignored especially when planning a leave. The reception ball on your present hoop will become the new pivot. This is an important and highly useful manoeuvre which should be in every player's repertoire.

There is an animation of a pivot swap on the Virtual Lawn: Virtual Lawn

changing pivot in a four ball break
Figure 3.1. Changing Pivot. a). rush reception ball close to old pivot (red). b). take off getting a rush to rush line of new pioneer, stop shot old pivot to hoop 3. c). After running 2 the four ball break is restored.

3.1. Aim to get the usual rush to pivot after your hoop. Rush the reception ball close (1-2ft.) to the pivot (figure 3.1a).

3.2. Take-off from the reception ball, leaving it as the new pivot, to get a perfect rush on the old pivot. The required rush is to the position you would have rushed a reception ball had you been playing a three-ball break (Section 2. The Three-Ball Break). Hence after hoop 1 you would want to rush the old pivot to the West of hoop 2 (figure 3.1b).

3.3. Rush the old pivot on to the rush line of the next pioneer and then stop it to your next-but-one hoop whilst approaching the pioneer at your hoop. You have temporarily slipped into a three-ball break for one hoop. The pivot is now changed and the four-ball break reestablished.

3.4. Note that if you know in advance that you will be changing pivot you would position the pioneer at your next hoop into the appropriate three-ball pioneer position (c.f. Section 2).

3.5. Often the desired rush to pivot is not there. You are left with a roll into the centre of the lawn. You only have to get the rush on the old pivot, the reception ball can go anywhere near the middle of the lawn.

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