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The Longest Lift Shot
Lawn to scale showing the longest lift positions

When reading about advanced lifts, there is frequent reference to the length of the lift shot. Where are the positions presenting the maximum length of lift shot?

The red spots on the diagram mark the maximum distance positions from the baulk lines. For reference they are 19.06 yards from the ends of the baulk lines and approximately 2.5 yards above and below peg height.

Background. A croquet lawn is 28 x 35 yards and has an imaginary 'yard line' inside its boundary. For the lift a ball can be placed on either baulk line. That is, on the yard line from the center of the South boundary (parallel to hoops 1 and 4) to corner 1, one yard from the perpendicular boundary (aka the corner spot - not now a term used in the Laws). There is an equivalent line from the centre of North boundary to corner 3.

If a target ball is in corner 4 it represents a '13 yarder', i.e. from the centre of South boundary to a yard off the east boundary.

The diagram on the right shows the lawn to scale - click on the image for a larger view.

The grey border is the area excluded by the yard line. The discs marking the hoop positions are exaggerated but contain a circle whose radius is the width of the hoops. Ditto the peg. The boundary of the white and green area is 13 yards from the baulk lines. Consequently anywhere in the green area is further away than corners 2 or 4. The blue lines mark the baulk lines.

The question arises as to whether a ball lying in the shadow of hoop 4 from the east end of A-baulk could be further away? If the ball is on the east boundary then certainly no, the distance reduces to ~17.5 yards from about 1 yard to the west of the end point of A-baulk.

If balls are obscured by hoops they become a smaller target or you need to shoot from further away to get a full-ball target. As the ball moves towards hoop 4 then the distance can increase well beyond 19 yards. E.g. if the ball is completely hidden from the end of A-baulk then it leaves a 27-yard shot from B-baulk.

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