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Handicap Points Calculator for Advanced Play

The assembled calculator
The Calculator

The Automatic Handicapping System allows the results of advanced play games to be entered on to the handicap card. There is a sliding scale which proportions the number of points gained or lost according to the relative abilities of the players. This results in a complex table where the number of handicap steps between the players' handicaps must first be calculated, then the points to be transferred looked up.

view of the results window

The picture shows the result for a -2.5 plays -0.5 or a -2 plays a 1, etc.

To make this task simple and reliable a circular calculator has been designed which does all the work. In use the players' handicaps are aligned on the scales and the steps and points read off in the window.

The calculator is in the form of a "pdf" file which prints onto an A4 sheet of paper or card. The two disks are cut out and pinned together. The calculator can be made more robust if the sheet is laminated before cutting. Instructions for assembly and use are on the sheet. You will need the (free) Acrobat viewer from Adobe to be able to print out the pdf file.

DOWNLOAD PDF (11Kb) - large 4" version

DOWNLOAD PDF (11KB) - 2.5" version, needs to have lowest handicap under the higher.


Many thanks to Kevin Beeden for tidying up the graphics and producing the small version.

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