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Abbreviations Used in Croquet Scoring

The method of reporting croquet scores varies from county to country. A point is awarded for each hoop point and peg point. In England a score is conventionally given as the points difference with any additional attributes, e.g. +13TPO. Elsewhere this would be reported as 13:26 TPO.

From: Richard Hilditch

Here is a list of common abbreviations, in each case I show some common alternatives starting with the most common as I perceive them.

(t), ot, t, OT Win on time  
7p, SPP, spp Septuple peel These are very rare
OCTP, octp, 8p, op Octuple peel There have only been a handful of these ever
OQNP, oqnp Losing quintuple peel on opponent  
OQP, oqp Losing quadruple peel on opponent  
OSXP, osxp Losing sextuple peel on opponent Keith Aiton had one of these in the 1996 open doubles
OTP, otp Losing triple peel on opponent This is scored for the winner, but in block score may be show against the loser also


Peel on opponent ball


QNP, qnp, 5p

Quintuple peel


QNPO, qnpo

Winning quintuple peel on opponent

David Maugham had one in this year's opens

QP, qp

Quadruple peel


QPO, qpo

Winning quadruple peel on opponent


SQP, sqp

Straight quadruple peel 


STPO, stpo

Straight triple peel on opponent


SXP, sxp, 6p, sp

Sextuple peel



Straight sextuple peel 

Robert Fulford has done this in practice

STP, stp

Straight triple peel


SXPO, sxpo

Winning sextuple peel on opponent


SXPOT, sxpot, SXPO(t), sxpo(t)

Winning sextuple peel on opponent on time

The first is pronounced sexpot and has not yet occurred in a game. Obvious other combinations.

TP, tp, 3p

Triple peel


TPO, tpo

Winning triple peel on opponent


TPOT, tpot, TPO(t), tpo(t)

Winning triple peel on opponent on time

The first is pronounced teapot, first seen in the 1996 open doubles with Keith Aiton S and Rosemary Graham Aus.

TPs, tps, triples

Triple peels

When referring to several games


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