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Quadway info sheet

Derived from the Atkins 'Infosheet' - turned into a web page to reduce its size

Quadway hoops are accurately made and need handling with care.

The dibber makes accurate holes for the hoop to fit into. To keep the dibber upright, place a spirit level against the 2 pins for one axis (as in picture below) and against the main face for the other axis .

Quadway - showing pinsQuadway - using maul

Use a maul to insert the dibber keeping it upright during the process. Work the dibber down to the top of the tapered section.

When the hoop is placed into the preformed holes, the hoop carrots should be almost at ground level. To set the hoop firmly, thump the centre of the crown (as in picture above right).

One carrot is engraved, 3 3/4 and 3 11/16 the other = and – .

To alter the hoop setting, loosen the cap screw at the top of a hoop leg 4-5 turns so that the leg can be rotated 180 deg to select the size setting required, then tighten the screw, (allen key supplied).

If the '=' side is facing 3 3/4 the hoop width is 33/4. If the '–' is selected the size is smaller.

Quadway - position of markings

Settings on inside faces

(Note the hoops are deliberately made undersize to allow for tournament settings).

Designed and available from- Ray Atkins, 18 Marguerite Place, Halswell, Christchurch 8025 Ph (03)3394311

email:- rnb.atkins@xtra.co.nz

Author: Ray Atkins
All rights reserved © 2017-2017

Updated 11.ix.17
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