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Manor House Croquet Mallets
Mallets with ultra-lightweight carbon fibre shafts and tactile foam handles.
Weight distributed to optimise power and twist resistance.
Jarring minimised; normal weight about 2lbs 12 oz.


Manor House Mallet Heads

Left to right: 2000 Series, 4000 Series
with composite faces, 4000 Series

Airline shaft

Airline shaft allows shaft to be split into two parts

2000 - Series

Heads from attractive, sustainably managed, well seasoned Curuñai wood; inlaid sight line, screwed and glued double composite faces, easily maintained finish; 10" £170, 11" or 12" £175. A popular and long lasting first mallet.

4000 Model ()

The latest technology - with lightweight square section carbon tube and ultimate twist resistance from solid brass end pieces; 10", 11", or 12" heads £290. Composite faces £15 extra.

Airline Shaft

Two-part shaft with continuous grip which disconnects to allow each part of the mallet to fit into normal baggage giving added protection and avoiding airline surcharges. Adds less than 2oz. When prepared for travel the normal lengths are: lower part 46 cm (inc. head), upper part 40 cm (about 16") less than the total length of mallet. £65 extra.

For details or discussion, contact Dave Trimmer, 01747 824822. davetrimmer@talktalk.net, www.davetrimmermallets.com

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