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Can You Put Your Foot on the Ball?

1867 - foot on ballThis is an enduring image of croquet. It is however curious to note that the putting of your foot on the ball during the croquet stroke was outlawed in 1870 in Association Croquet, yet it still persists in 'home-brewed' rules of to this day.

Similarly it is not part of the 'American Rules' game, but the Asian game of Gateball still plays a croquet stroke ("Spark") by placing a foot on the ball.

If a truculent member of your family asks 'where does it say I cannot put my foot on the ball?' ... Law 28.a.13

a.DEFINITIONS Subject to Law 28(d), a fault is committed if, during the striking period, the striker: .....
13. touches any ball with any part of his body or clothes;"

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