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Code of Practice
This document has been produced to comply with the requirements of the Oxford University Sports Department



The aims and objectives of the Croquet Club are:
  1. to promote croquet within the University in accordance with the Laws of Association Croquet and Golf Croquet,
  2. to organise and regulate the inter-college competition, and
  3. to organise teams to represent the University in matches and tournaments.

The Croquet Club is affiliated to The Croquet Association, the National Governing Body of the sport.


All croquet equipment is provided but members are asked to wear flat-soled shoes on the courts. The Committee will maintain the equipment. Only members of the Committee may use ladders which must be secured with their base stable


Coaching is available for absolute beginners up to national standard, aptitude willing. Active Club coaches include world-ranked players. We aim to have one instructor to four members where possible.  The Club has qualified referees and handicappers.  All members of the Club are encouraged to participate in fixtures.  Wherever possible the team will be picked at least a week in advance of a fixture and all trip details circulated at least four days in advance of the fixture.

Accident Procedures

All accidents must be reported using the appropriate web form or handed into the Sport Departments Reception. This should include near misses. (These are incidents where a more serious accident could have occurred).

Telephones:  During ground staff working hours a telephone is available (for emergency use only) in the basement of the cricket pavilion. Similarly there is a telephone in the South Lodge.  There is a University telephone at the entrance of the Physical Chemistry Building; dial 999 for emergency services or 89999 for the University Security Services.

Health & Safety

The Croquet Club aims -

  • To provide and maintain safe and healthy conditions, with the legal requirements defining the minimum
  • To provide training and instruction to enable members to use the facilities safely and efficiently.
  • To make available, as necessary, safety devices and protective equipment and to supervise their use.
  • To maintain a constant and continuing interest in Health and Safety matters including Accident Prevention and Safe Working Practices.
  • To impress a Duty of Care on all members.
  • The Croquet Club has carried out a risk assessment for the sport and has prepared a separate Health and Safety document. Suitable training to participate in the sport will be given to new members.

Members should be aware that the courts are treated with toxic chemicals.  Care should be taken to prevent contamination.  Hands should be washed after handling balls and there should be no smoking.

A first aid box will be maintained in the Club hut.  Personal protection equipment will be available for people carrying out maintenance. Persons carrying out maintenance work on the courts or hut must follow the Club's Health and Safety guidelines.

Conduct of Individual Members

All Club members to be reminded to conduct themselves with the utmost responsibility at all times.

Members should retain regard for safety and not deliberately or otherwise, endanger the participation of other people whether they are members of the club or people near-by.

They should not bring the Croquet Club or the name of The University of Oxford into disrepute.

Dr. Ian Plummer
Senior Member
7 February 2000

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