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Health and Safety

Health and Safety (H&S) legislation is affecting everything these days including the management and operation of small croquet clubs. The 'organisers' of the club have a legal obligation and a duty of care to their members. Whilst the hazards of a mowing machine are apparent, an old tin of paint, ladders or a change in level on the path are all now a cause for concern. A further aspect becomes involved for people who may be taken to be the 'organiser' or leader of a home or away fixture. From 1/04/01 all sports that receive public funding in England must have a Child Protection Policy in place.

To date there is no information on Health and Safety propagated by the Croquet Association.

Disclaimer. The information presented here has not been checked by any qualified people and has been derived from many sources. It will however hopefully start a club on its way to considering its H&S issues. Caveat Emptor.

Health and Safety

Child Protection

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