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Laws and Official Rulings Combined

Chris Donovan has interleaved the Laws and the Official Rulings on the Laws of Croquet (ORLC - the interpretation of the Laws) into a handy A5 booklet. This will be invaluable to referees and others; no more looking between two documents.

These are the 6th Edition amended January 2008 with the September 2009 Edition of the ORLC.

Chris writes:

"The result is a booklet of 104 pages, including cover.  This prints out on 52 sheets of A4 back to back and is quite manageable as an A5 booklet.  To bind:  find centre line of cover sheet, locate 4 points equidistant,  hammer panel pin/small nail through, steal nylon thread from spouse’s sewing box and stitch all.  Now cover outer covers in fablon and fold in half."

For my printer I needed to set: double-sided, landscape, flip on short edge.

Download: Laws 6th Edition and Sep 09 Rulings Combined No Pics.pdf


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