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Demonstration Commentary

Keith Aiton Fake commentary illustrating some of the possible effects.

1 1 1 1 1 1

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Hoops a 23
Hoops b 12


1 5 1 1 1 4b

diagonal spreadR hit short shot at K from A baulk, failed hoop 1 leaving a shot for U at Y from 3 yards S of 2 to 3 yards N of 1


U misses Y (another corkingly bad swing! 0-6)

TPO of K by R - both balls pegged out - Y left on E boundary so that 4 blocks

approach to 1


U approaches 1 sending Y 2 yards NW of 2, fails 3 yard slightly angled hoop with wild thrash ending up almost off the E boundary where it had just approached from!
Y goes to S boundary in front of 1



1 8 1 box 1 box


U misses Y (0-7)
Y approaches 1 sending U 3 yards S of 2, runs 1 hard to N boundary, misses U to S boundary 4 yards E of I
U misses Y (0-8)


Y rolls off 2 and takes 2-ball break to 2-back, does not attempt 3 yard straight hoop, and, mindful of the lift, goes to E boundary, maximum length position.
U takes lift from III, misses Y - much better shot, dead on until it jumped sideways at the last second, ended up in IV (0-9, but cause for hope!)
Y to W boundary 10 yards N of I
U to 3 yards E of 5, intending to "menace" Y but hit a bit too hard and gave opportunity for wired approach to 2-back
Y attempts position at 2-back wired from U but gets a hint of hill and leaves technically wired but perfectly hittable shot
U misses Y to W boundary (sigh, 0-10)
Y hits U, makes 2-back and 3-back, has to roll up to 4-back (I think), attempts hoop and sticks

1 20 4b box 1 box

U hits Y rushing it to rough level with 5 and on the line of 3 and 4, make nice approach to 1 with 5 foot slightly angled hoop and Y 2 yards SE of 2, run 1 but miss (possibly hilled off) a medium weight 8 yard "trickle" at Y just about reaching N boundary
Y hits U, sends U towards IV approaching 4-back, U just goes off S boundary and Y has 7 foot angled "position".
U HITS!!! rushing Y straight to N boundary, attempts pass roll approach to 2, hopeless effort not getting pass nor position, take position wired from Y on the basis that Y won't risk shot from B baulk in case U turns round and pick up Y and can set up 2-ball break
Y takes lift from B baulk and attempts position at 4-back, gets angled position SW of the hoop.
U runs 2 and misses Y to E boundary 10 yards S of III (1-11)

David Maugham

1 25 4b box 2 box

Y misses U (shock, horror, can't believe my luck, here's a good chance!)
U approaches 3 with a thick take-off, runs 8 foot hoop far too smoothly and runs just past Y. Rolls down to 4 and splits U slightly W of the right line, it hills that way as well and U fails angled hoop from 4 feet
Not sure how much of U can be seen by Y but he seems disgusted to clip it, takes off to 4-back slightly too far and takes position
U decided not to shoot this time and goes to W boundary 8 yards S of II - my thinking was to "guard" the W side of the lawn in view of the impending lift, believing Y won't go to the E side as that would be too close to 4
Y runs 4-back and hits U, fails to approach penult and retires to the now unguarded W boundary 9 yards S of II (U is now SE of rover)
U takes lift from I, misses Y to just W of II (1-12)
Y hits U, fails to approach penult (goes screaming past it!) and takes position leaving open shot for U from S of rover


U smacks Y to N boundary (hooray, 2-12), big roll to 4 is short - 4 yard hoop and Y 2 yards SE of 5 - run 4 smoothly to S boundary and hit return roquet to N of 5, make 5 with no rush, beautiful roll up to 6 and obtain rush to 1-back. Approach to 1-back is slightly overhit and when U runs the hoop the rush to 2-back needs cutting half ball on the right - make my worst swing of the day and cut it just off centre on the left so that Y goes off the W boundary about peg high. Approach to 2-back is overhit, U retires to N boundary 4 yards E of II
Y goes to N boundary 8 yards W of III
U attempts position at 2-back, short, about 4 yard position
Y attempts position at penult, too far, probably not runnable
U shoots at Y and misses going to 3 yards E of the middle of N boundary (2-13)
Y misses U
U rushes Y a little W in order to give clear sight of 2-back, intending to croquet Y to W of 3-back attempting position. Just can't hit these rolls hard enough, or straight enough, and have 5 yard angled position with Y 2 yards SE of 5. Fail pretty good (smooth) attempt at hoop and end up in position (lucky boy!)
Y goes back to penult, longish angled position NW of hoop
U runs 2-back, takes position at 3-back about 8 feet in front and slightly E of straight in front.
Y fails penult bouncing off to near 4-back (my eyes light up!)
Briefly consider taking closer wired position at 3-back but decide to go for finishing, run hoop by 9 inches (bo**ocks!), retire to W boundary level with 6
Y goes to middle of N boundary
U goes to 6 yards SE of 4-back
Y moves a few inches nearer 4-back
U moves to five feet from 4-back in runable position, still E of the hoop
Y misses U to E boundary leaving U an 8 yarder
Just give me one straight swing and we're home and hosed - U misses Y by nothing (oops, that's not good, 2-14)
Y rushes U well S of rover, takes off to penult and leaves Y in position
U misses Y (goes wrong side of penult! 2-15) ending up on N boundary
Y runs penult and takes position at rover
U takes position at 4-back, 4 feet SSW of the hoop
Y runs rover, takes position at the peg
I have a hampered backswing for shooting at Y so I attempt and fail 4-back
Y pegs out



Notation - see also glossary

U, R, K, Y

Blue, Red, Black and Yellow balls

I, II, II, IV or
C1, C2, C3, C4

Corners 1, 2, 3, 4

N, S, W, E, SSE

Compass points where hoops 1 & 4 always lie at the South and 2 & 3 lie at the North end of a lawn

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