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NZ Open FInal - Toby Garrison v Aaron Westerby

By Stephen Mulliner. 27th January 2013

Good morning from United Club.  The final court is, as usual, a new one set at right angles to court 5.  The Atkins hoops are therefore in new holes.  It  has been agreed to play the final as a best of 3 with limits of 3.5 hours, 3 hours and 2.5 hours giving 9 hours in total.  Very sensible.  Aaron finished off his semi against Greg Bryant by 26-9 in game 3 last night after losing the second 12-13 on time.

At 0830 the speed is 11 Plummers and the sun is coming out after a slightly cloudy start to the day.  Further speed tests will done later on.

The match has just started with Toby winning the toss and playing first.  Aaron chose Blue and Black.

Game 1

1.            Y to 8y N C4

2.            B to C2

3.            R hits Y from A baulk, takes off to B, hits it, rolls it down the Wb to only 15y N and 2y E of C1 while returning to partner and leaving a rush for Y on R to B.

4.            K hits R (and Y) from A baulk, gaining a 5yd take-off down the boundary but hits it too hard and K finishes with a rush to hoop 6.  Cuts it well to 6y SSE of 2.  Thick take-off sends Y to 2yd SSE of 2 and K gets a 4ft rush on B to E of 1.  Cuts it to 2yd N of 1, take-off glances of W wire but he still fancies the attempt from 1 ft with a jump.  It fails and leaves K glued to the W upright.

5.            Y hits B from 17yd – all three long shots hit so far – cutting it to 4yd W C1.

Stop shot loads 2 and gives him short rush on K.  Approaches and makes it from 12in securing rush on K flat across court to 4yd S of R.  Loads 3 too deeply – K is about 5 yd N of 3 and gets flat rush on R to middle of W boundary.   This time load falls 4yd short but gets good rush on B to 2ft straight.  Approaches to slight angle but makes it comfortably.  Hits B gently and plays big split to load 4 to within 2 feet and gain 2yd rush on R which he hits quite gently and takes off to behind K.  Gets his rush and approaches from 3 ft to 6 in position.  Runs smoothly and is under full control.  Should get to 4b while the court is in a fairly benign state with a little morning dampness still evident.

                K hit and split to 4y E 6, rush on R to 3yd NE B, R split to 2yd SSE 5.  Makes 4 off B, rushes it to E of K and sends it to 6, rushes K to S of R, makes 5 off R, sends it to 2b as an early pioneer and rushes K up the court to split it to 1b and get into B.  Makes 6 off B, sends B to 4yd SSW 1b.  Makes 1b off K and stops it to 12yd S and 1y E of C2 in preparation for a likely NSL.  Rushes B to 5yd W 2b, loads 3b while going to R but falls short on both and looks a little disappointed with himself.  Approaches from 4ft NE firmly and runs from 12in with a bit of wire.  Slightly hampered shot is dealt with and he rolls R to 6yd NNE 3b while having a 3yd plus rush on B to 15in NNW 3b.  Plays thickish take-off to move B across for the NSL and gets 12in straight position.  Runs and hits B in the stroke.  Tiny stop shot to position B looks OK and he turns round and hits R to 4yd W of E boundary.  Checks how well wired B is and rolls R into the yard-line to the 19 yd maximum distance point and lays a rush to S of K.  Good turn.

6.            Aaron checks B to see how easily Toby can rush it to 1 if he takes the shot with K.  He wouldn’t risk giving Toby a plausible crack at a TP early in the day so it may be just in the jaws.  He does lift K and shoots from C3.  Well hit but misses to 12in E C4.  The clouds are evaporating and the sun is well and truly out.

7.            R cuts Y to 2yd N 4 and lines up a bombard to peel B through 4.  However B is shaken but not stirred and Y (fortunately) ends up 4ft SSE 4 as R rolls to 2yd NW C4 and hits K.  Stops K to 2yd NE 2 and gets level with B and rushes it off the hoop to 1yd W peg.  Goes for the pass-roll approach sending B to SW 1.  Hits it a little wide and short.  B is 4yd W and 1ft N of 1.   Sends R to 3yd ESE Y.  Good leave.

8.            Aaron is taking his time to consider the options. Plays B into C3, the only part of the court in shade for the moment.  Dry play is going to become the norm.

9.            R cuts Y hard to 6yd E C2.  Good shot.  Rolls Y to 1ft S 2 and gains 4ft rush on K to 1, needing slight cut to W.  Hits it well to 5ft NNE 1  Gets 18in almost straight pos.  Runs firmly, takes wire but gets through with a 1yd rush on K to C3.  Hits it plumb and has corner cannon.  An opening TP is back on the agenda.  Plays aggressive roll cannon which sends K to 5yd NNW 4 and rushes B to 4ft NNW Y at 2.  Good shot.  Stops B to 1yd W 3 and holds 1yd rush on Y.  Approaches from 1yd and runs from 15 in but gets a little hampered and can only hit R gently.  Rolls too far and Y is 4yd SSE 4b with R rushing B to 2.5yd W 3.  Plays take-off to 15in.  Goes hard and sticks.  First hoop victim of the day.

10.          Aaron decides to take the 5yd shot with B on Y rather than the closer shot at a bit of the ball in the hoop.  Hits.

11.          The crowd is now over 40 and Toby lifts Y and looks at the shortest shot available which is from A-baulk.  Decides against it and shoots from 4ft E C1.  Just misses K on left and lands in C2.

12.          K rushes B to 5yd SE R.  Stops B to 4yd S 3 and gains good rush on R to 2.5yd S 1.  Stop approaches to 18 in and fails despite his usual rhythmic swing.  Leaves R a 5yd shot at K.  Time 1005 and all the clouds have gone and it is another perfect summer day in Christchurch.  There is a breeze which is helping to keep things cool.

13.          R hits firmly and rushes K to 10y E C1.  Takes off to 4ft N B and rushes B to 2yd N 4.  Stop approaches to 15in and runs hard to S b.  R has 1yd rush on B due N.  Thinks.   Tries to cut B towards 5 but only nicks it.  Plays take-off to K and R runs into it.    Plays big drive approach to 5 getting 2 ft straight position and sending K to 2.5 yd E 6.  Attempts the hoop firmly but sticks to “aahs” from the crowd of now 50+, glueing to the W upright.

14.          Aaron takes a good look at R in 5 and thinks hard about what best to do.  Finally decides to shoot with K from near 6 at B near 4 and hits from 18 yd.  Rolls to B to 3yd S of 1 and leaves 2yd rush due N for K on B.

15.          Toby checks R and walks to Y in C2.  Removes the corner peg and shoots – missing in between B and K.

16.        Aaron hits Y with K, stops it to 4yd SSE 2 and goes to R.  Hits it, leaving it not quite in the jaws and takes off to B.  Rushes B to 1yd S 1 and makes it off B with a rush to 6yd S 5.  Sends B to 2ft S 3 and peels R to the N boundary.  Splits R to 8yd SSW 3 and gets level with Y.  Cuts it to 2.5yd S 2 and approaches to 1 yd straight.  Runs hard to N boundary.  Has a standard TP in front of him to take the opening game.

Sends Y to 4ft N 4 and rushes R to near B.  Sends R to 1yd E 3 and rushes B to just NW 3.  Splits B into 18in peeling position and runs gently, just getting through but can hit B.  Lines up the peel from 2ft with some split required to get the rush on R.  The peel sticks and comes out a little but is rush-peelable.  Rushes K to 5yd E Y.  Over-hits the load so R ends 4y W 5 and K has 3yd roquet on Y.  Cuts nicely to 1ft in front, stop approaches sending Y to 3yd SSW 4 and runs smoothly to give 2yd rush due N.  Thinks about what to do next given R’s poor position relative to 5.  Rushes Y to 4ft WSW 6 and takes off to S of B, chipping Y to 1yd S 6.  Rushes B to N boundary and takes off to W of R.  Lands 3yd N and only slightly W.  Cuts to 2yd SSW.  Approaches firmly but leaves 15in slightly angled hoop.  Runs hard and cleanly to 1 yd NNW peg.  Turns round and hits 5yd roquet centrally.   Takes off to B on N boundary and falls 3 yd short but hits.  Splits B to 3yd ESE 1-b while going to 1yd E Y.  Rushes in front and approaches sending Y to E.  Takes wire and runs and can only rush N so hits Y gently and plays big roll sending Y to 2.5yd ENE 2b and K 3yd S R.  Rushes R to peg and takes off to E of B.  Gets very close and runs from 12in but still goes just past K so cannot rush it very close to penult.  Does his best and tries roll-peel from 4yd but B bounces off to E while K goes to R 3yd W of peg.  K hits and sends R to 3yd W 3b but holds good rush on Y.  Rushes Y to 1ft in front of 2b and runs with rush back on Y pointing at 4b.  Cuts Y to 4yd NE penult and prepares for the penult peel before 4-b.    Splits Y to 3yd ESE penult and gains short rush on B.  Rushes Y to 12in position but is not tempted by the death roll and takes off to R.  Lands 2yd N of R and rushes it to 4ft SSW of 4.  Stop approaches to 15in but runs past R 4yd N of 4.  Hits R and full-rolls R to 5yd N penult, K ending 3yd W of B.   Hits B firmly, no dribbling to keep peeling position, to 2yd E penult.  Splits it to 2ft NE penult while gaining good rush on Y to 4-b which lands 2ft SW 4b.  Approaches gently and leaves short somewhat angled hoop.  Just fails to clear the plane of the playing side.

Score to date:  Aaron penult (B) and 4b (K), Toby 4b (Y) and 6 (R).

17.          Toby lifts R and makes a double of Y and K from B baulk.  Just hits K, pushing it back through 4-b.  Splits K to 4ft E 3 while gaining rush on Y to 4yd NE 6.  Splits Y to 2ft NNW 1b and holds rush on B to 6. Rushes to 6, approaches and double taps in hoop stroke.  R checked in the hoop and the mallet caught up with it.  Toby immediately declared it and Aaron had R left where it came to rest N of 6.

18.          Aaron hits R gently with B, approaches penult and runs it, running into R.

19.          Toby shoots with Y at K missing by not much on the E. 

20.          Aaron elects to play with B, the rover ball, rushes K to Y, and gets a rush on Y to rover.  Y ends 3yd NNW rover and he approaches to 1ft straight.  Clubs it with much wire to inside the yard-line leaving 5 yd return roquet.  Stalks twice and centre-balls Y to 2yd SSE 4b.  Takes off to R WSW of 2, hits it gently and takes off back to K near C4.  Hits K and rolls both balls to S of 4.  Leaves 4ft rush for K on B pointing to R. 

21.          Toby shoots with Y at B but misses. 

22.          K hits Y and takes off to B.  Rushes it to 1yd E C2, 8yd N of R.   Splits B to 1ft N penult and gains 1yd rush on R to 4b.  Very good shot.  Rushes R to 1.5yd W 4b.   Split approaches to 1ft straight.  Runs hard to the boundary leaving 3yd return roquet.   Hits R to 4yd SSE 4b and splits it to 3yd W rover gaining 4ft rush in B.  Rushes it to 6in W and splits it to 1yd E of penult.  Has 6in hoop.  Sticks.  Penult/6 is one really firm hoop.  The slightest touch on a wire seems to be enough to bring about disaster.

23.          Toby lifts R to the end of A baulk and hits the 4yd roquet on Y, cutting it off the S boundary.  We have now had 2hr 52 minutes so there is only 38 minutes left.  R takes off from Y to B and splits it to 1yd SSE 1b while going just N of K.  Hits K gently and it stays in the hoop.  Toby “peels” it through 6 and runs from almost in the jaws, holding a rush on K to the N boundary.  Takes rush and loads 2b with K while going to B, makes 1b off B but goes past B and rushes it to 1ft NE.  Plays big split roll to load 3b but B hits the peg and bounces to 3yd E.  Rush on K is not bad but he hits it to 2ft SE.  Takes off to 12in almost straight.  Does not muck about and runs hard to the boundary leaving 5.5yd return.  Hits hard but R lifts a little and cuts K with non-equatorial contact so K only moves 3 yd.  Good result, really.  Rolls K to 4b seeking rush on B to 3b or Y.  Gets the ratio wrong and K goes into the jaws of 4b but R does not quite reach B.  Cuts B to 10yd E, 1yd N peg.  Takes off to Y ending level with it.  Hits Y gently and has 5yd approach to what is traditionally a very tough hoop.  Plays great shot to leave 15in hoop almost straight.  Runs it smoothly to the N boundary! Centre balls the shot at K rushing it into Y.  Stops K to 5yd N 4 and rushes Y to 4yd S B.  Splits B to 1ft W penult and rushes B to 2yd S 4b.  Approaches and runs 4b to boundary.  Hits 3yd return roquet to 14yd S C3.  Splits B to 2yd N rover going to K getting 1yd rush to penult.  Rushes K to 2yd NNW peg.  Takes off to Y and hits it gently, approaches penult from 1ft NW.  Gets 6in position placing Y due S and runs firmly hitting Y to 3yd ENE peg.  22 minutes to go.  Takes off to K west of peg and rushes it to 5yd NNW rover, 3yd NNW B.  Stops K to 3yd S rover and has slight cut on B to 2ft N rover.  Approached to 8 in and runs firmly leaving 4yd return on K (why not deep ball?).  Only just feathers K!  Takes off to B and rushes it to 3yd W peg.  Obviously going to peg out B cleaving Aaron 2 hoops ahead with under 20 minutes left.  Interesting.  B hits the peg and R just misses!  R hits Y and  Toby ruminates on where to leave R and Y.  The attractions of both E and W boundaries appeal as time ticks away.  Finally he stops Y to 15yd N and 1yd W C4 and sends R to the W boundary maximum distance position.

24.          Aaron approaches penult with K to 6in!!

25.          Toby fires Y to 1y E C2.  Under 15 minutes left.

26.          Aaron runs penult to 2yd SSW peg.  Takes 6in position at rover.

27.          Toby shoots with R at Y from 14yd – just misses on E.

28.          Aaron runs rover to the boundary.  11 minutes left.  Aaron places the clip on the peg and walks back to K and decides to shoot at R and Y just outside C2.  The shot sounds very solid off the mallet and hits Y from 34 yards.  Gets rush on R to the peg, takes it, takes off from R and pegs put to win +5 in 3 hours 20 minutes.

A great game to watch with the court providing the usual severe United test.  Aaron will now be the favourite but there is very little between the two players.   T

Game 2

Toby Garrison, 0 v Aaron Westerby, 1

Aaron goes first and Toby keeps R and Y.  3 hours and 10 minutes for this game.

 1.            K to 8yd N C4.

 2.            Y to C2.

 3.            B shoots at K from A baulk and misses.

 4.            R makes double from B baulk but misses to 4yd S K.

 5.            B rushes K S of R and stops K to 5yd NNE 4 and gains rush on R to 1.  Rushes R to 2yd W 1 and approaches to 18in with R going to 5yd ENE 1.  Runs by 5yd and hits 4yd rush on R to 5yd SSE 4.  Stops R to 2yd S 3 and holds 2yd rush on K to 6yd E C2.  Cuts K to 12yd S C2.   Rolls K to 5.5yd N 2 while going to Y.  Hits Y and stops Y to 3yd NNE 1.  Thinks about leaving a rush on K to R but plays well W of K to avoid any risk of a double.

6.            Toby checks R for a possible wiring lift as the peg seems to be in the way as well but chooses to shoot with Y at R, missing into C3.

7.            B rushes K to 1ft W 3 and takes off to R to get a rush into C3.  However, the rush clips the E wire and bounces to 2 ft S C3.  B takes off  to Y, rushes to 2, approaches and runs to the boundary leaving 4yd return.  B clips Y to 2yd N penult and takes off to R near C3.  Hits R and splits it to 4yd ENE 4 going to K.  Approaches 3 to 6 in and fails to run.

8.            Toby hits B with Y from 4 yards, rushing it to the E boundary.  Splits K to 4yd E 2 and gains rush on B, peeling it down to R.  Takes off the R and rushes it to 2 ft W 1.  Approaches to 12in and sticks.

 There has been a 15 minute interlude when all the hoops were widened back to 1/64th clearance on both K and Y.  Ball expansion in the heat is suspected as the cause of the tightening and the problems the players have been having.

 9.            Aaron shoots with K and R and Y but misses from 20 yds to the S boundary.

10.          Y runs 1 past R and rushes it back to S boundary.  Stops R out a little while holding rush on N to near C4.  Stops K to 3yd S 3 and gains 4ft rush on B to 2.  Rushes B to 2yd WSW penult.  Plays rolls approach but leaves Y 3yd S and a little E.  Big shot but runs it to the boundary.  Hits 3yd return roquet on Y and splits B to 3yd NNW 4 while going to K.  Approaches sending K 3yd SSW and runs by 12in.  Slides the mallet down the E wire to make the roquet and plays good roll to send K to 1ft N 5 and Y right down to B.  Stop approaches 4, runs cleanly to the boundary and has 4ft return roquet on Y.  R is still 5yd S of 1.  Hits B gently and splits it to 6 going to K getting 3yd rush.  Rushes K to 2ft ESE 5 and approaches with a split to 1 ft.  Runs past K and rushes it to 2yd W of R.  Stops K to 1ft E 2b and holds rush on R to middle E boundary.  Cuts R to 2yd SW 4b.  Splits R to 1yd E 1b and gets 2 ft rush on B lying 2yd NNW 6 but pointing to 1.  Cuts to 2feet to the side and slightly over-approaches 6.  Fails slightly angled hoop.

11.          Aaron hits Y gently with B, de-peeling it and takes off to R by 1b.

12.          Toby lifts Y (for 6) at the peg and goes to C3.  He really needs to hit this.  Close but missing K just on the E into C4.  This gives Aaron a big chance to put a hammerlock on the match with 2hr 11 minutes left.

13.          Aaron rushes B to 2yd N of R and splits it to 5yd S 2 while holding a 1ft rush to a point 6yd E C1.  Rushes to 3yd SSW 1 and stop approaches sending R to 9yd N 1 and getting 2ft slightly angled position.  Fails the hoop quite badly compared to earlier blobs but K rebounds into 6in runnable position, slightly off straight.

14.          Toby hits B with R to 4yd E C2 and takes off to Y in C4 and just goes over the boundary.  Not pleased.

15.          Aaron runs 1 hard with K getting a helpful exit so that K ends up 1yd W of B.  Rushes B to 2yd E 3 and takes off with K to R and Y.  Hits  Y and plays delicate stop shot to get tiny rush on R to 2.  Only rushes R to 4yd NE 1 and plays amazing roll to 2ft straight position with R 4yd ESE C2.  Runs 2 cleanly to the boundary and hits R.   .Splits R towards 4 while going to B but underhits.  R is 9yd NNW 4 and K has a 4yd roquet on B.  Just nicks it and B is 2ft N of 3. 

    Approaches and runs under control. Rushes B to 4yds N of R and stops B to 1yd S 5 while holding 4ft straight rush on R to 4.  Rushes R to 2yd N 4 And stop approaches to 8in position.  Runs 4 to the boundary and hits 2ft return roquet on R gently sending it to 2yd SSE 4.  Takes off to Y looking for a rush W but comes up short.  Hits it and plays big split to load 6 and get onto B at 5.  Plays it well with Y 2ft SW 6 and a short rush on B.  Approaches sending B to 1yd NNE 6 and runs from 8in to just short of B.  Rushes B to 4yd E peg and rolls it to1yd S 1b and holding 2yd rush in Y.  Rushes Y to 1yd S and approaches to 1ft with Y 4yd N.  Tries to run short of Y but sticks.

16.          Toby hits from 4yd with Y (for 6) on K in 6 and lives again.  Plays stop approach to 6in and run hard, rushing K to the N boundary in the stroke! Stops K into the jaws of 2b and is just short of B.  Rushes to 18in due S 1b. Takes off to 18in somewhat angled but runs the hoop hard and rushes B to 4yd S 1!  Stops B to 5yd E 3b and falls a bit short of where he can see most of K.  Hits the edge, \approaches and runs hard to the boundary and hits 5yd return roquet to 3yd S 4b.   Ponders the leave with neither B nor R that close to 3b or each other.  Pass-rolls K to 1yd S peg and gets 1ft rush on B to R – excellent shot.  Rushes B to 3yd SSE R and stops B to 3yd N 3b and rushes R a little short of ideal.  Approaching from 5ft SSE and gets 15in position.  Runs hard and gives himself a 10yd return roquet!  Centre balls R (may have had a double) to 3yd W C4.  Rolls R to 15yd N C4 and gets rush on B.  However, R ends very close to the boundary and, after very careful testing, is found to be just out.

17.          B roquets Y, takes off to R and rolls R to 9yd SW 2 trying for a rush on K to 6.  But B hits the peg and bounces N of K.  B hits K and rolls K into the H3/C3 square and leaves a rush for B on K pointing at rover.

18.          Toby shoots with R at Y and just misses on the S.

19.          Aaron plays with K (for 6) and rushes B into C3.  Splits B to 2yd SSE 2 and lands 2 ft N of R.  Rushes R to 8y N C4 and plays stop shot sending R to 6yd E 2yd N of rover.  Rushes Y to 4yd W 6 and approaches leaving 4ft 30 degree angled hoop.  Goes for it and gets it, running cleanly to the boundary.  Hits 5yd return roquet on Y and splits it to 2yd N 2b going to R.  Hits R and takes off to B, rushes B to in front of 1b and makes it easily, from 6in running past B. Hits B gently and splits it to 2yd s 4b while holding a 2ft rush on R toward Y.  Rushes R to 5yd N Y and splits it to 5yd E 3b but gets good rush on Y and approaches from 1yd N to 6in.  Takes a mighty swing and bounces straight back from the hoop.  He winces visibly and entirely understandably.

20.        With 1hr 25 minutes left, Toby lifts R (for 1) and hits Y, stopping it to 4yd S 2 while getting a rush on K to 2yd S of 1.  Rushes to 1yd S and approaches to 12in slightly angled.  Visible relief as R runs and K is rushed to 2yd E 3.   K is split to 1ft N 3 and R gets a rush on B which is hit to 7yd SSW 6.   Toby splits B to 2yd W 6 and gets 1yd rush on Y which he plays to 1ft straight.  Approaches to 6in straight and runs under control.  Rushes Y gently and tries stop shot placing Y in peeling position.  Gets 2yd SSW position and a good rush on B which he takes to 1yd S C3.  B is stop-split to 4ft W 4 as R goes to K.  K is rushed to the side and the approach is to 8in.  R runs and taps Y.  Toby lines up the peel and plays it as a straight stop shot while getting a reasonable rush S on K.  He gets the to deserved applause from the crowd of over 80.              

K is rushed to 9yd W C4 and split to 1ft W 5 while R goes to B at 4.  B is rushed to 1yd straight.  The stop approach is to 1ft and R runs hard to the boundary leaving a 4yd return roquet on B which he cuts superbly to 5yd NNW of Y which has peeled by 2ft.  Splits B to 7yd E 6 and rushes Y to S boundary, 10yd E C1.  Splits Y to 3yd S 6 and gets rush on K.  Makes 5 off K firmly and hits 4yd return roquet to 6yd W C4.  Plays big roll sending K to 2yd SE 1b while R lands 2yd S B.  Hits B to 2yd SSW 4b.  Rolls B to 3yd W and a little S of penult while R gets 2ft rush on Y.  Rushes Y to 1ft SSW 6 which should be ideal.  Stop-splits Y to 5ft N 6 and gets 6in position.  Runs 6 to 1yd N of Y.  Rushes Y very gently but catches E edge and so Y does not move much.  Lines up 1yd peel from slightly W.  Gets more pull than expected as Y hits outside of W wire and ends 6in W of penult - but R gets good rush on B.

Rushes B to what looks like 2yd due N of 1b.  Sets up stop-shot with care and sends B to 3yd NNE 2b and gets 2yd rush on K which he rushes to 6in NE 1b.  Plays tiny approach and gets 6in position and runs by 1yd directly S of K.  Cuts K to 1yd NE 1b.  Stop-splits K to 4yd NW 3b and gets 1yd rush on Y which is 6in NW penult.  Tries the rush peel but Y rejects to 1yd NNE penult.  Takes off from Y to 1yd NE B and rushes B to 1ft almost straight.  Approaches to 6in straight.  Runs under control and ends up level with B.  Cuts B to 4yd W 3b and 4yd SSW K.  Stops B to 3yd E penult and gets 2yd rush on K.  Rushes K into back of hoop but can take croquet and run.  Plays very gentle croquet stroke and then runs hard, rushing K to 3yd S of W end of B baulk.   Splits K to 1yd NNW penult and gets a bit too far E on Y.  Cuts it to 4ft NNW and tries peel for second time.  Y rejects to 6in E of penult.  Gets decent rush on B and under-rushes it to 2.5yd WSW.  Plays a firm split approach and has gone a little too far.  Toby removes the clips and goes for the jump which goes through cleanly to applause.  R hits 3yd return roquet on B to 9yds E peg.  Rolls B to 5yd W peg and gets 1yd NW of K which is 1yd WNW penult.  Rushes K to 2ft S of penult.  Plays little split moving K to 2.5yd E penult and gets short rush on Y.  Rushes Y to 8in straight and lines up the Irish peel.  Y had better not stick even for a moment or R will bounce clear.  Plays a great shot that send Y to 1ft SSW rover and R is 4yd S penult.  Hits 4yd roquet on K hard to 6yd W C3.  Lines up big roll sending K to below rover and R to B.  K ends up 4ft SSE rover and R had a 4ft rush on B pointing roughly S.  Cuts it to 3yd NNW rover.  Rolls B to deep ball position 3yd off S boundary and gets tight rush on Y.  Rushes to 15in straight position.  Goes for a quiet peel after taking huge care with lining up.  Y jawses and the half-jump knocks Y through while R comes through and rushes B to the S boundary.  Takes off to K and hits just hard enough to get a rush back to Y.  Lands 5ft W of Y.  takes off to 2 feet S and rushes Y to 2yd SE peg.  Toby duly pegs out to loud and deserved applause for an excellent triple in very testing conditions.

Game 3

 Toby Garrison, 1 v Aaron Westerby, 1

Toby goes first with RY.  3hrs 10 minutes available. 

1.            R to 11y N C4.

2.            K to C2.

3.            Y hits R clipping it to just under peg high.  Takes off to K but underhits badly and Y does not reach 2.  Plays Y back to 13yd N C4 leaving a 2yd rush pointing at C2.

4.            Aaron shoots with B from C3 and hits Y centre ball without excessive pace so Y ends up in the yard-line area near C4.   Plays gentle half-roll sending Y 9yd S 3 and getting a 1yd rush to K in C2.  Plays rush well and R is replaced 4ft E C2.  Plays take-off into corner square and rushes K to 3yd E 1.  Approaches to 4ft slightly E angled position and sending K to 4yd NNE 1.  Bounces off inside of E wire to 2.5yd W 1.

5.            Toby chooses to shoot with R at K but narrowly misses to S boundary.

6.            Aaron hits 5yd roquet on K with B, cutting it to 1yd N 5.  Splits K to 4yd E 2 and gets 2yd rush on Y to R.  Rushes Y to 2yd E R.  Stops Y to 4yd S 1 and gets vertical rush on R.  Cuts to 5ft E 1 as the breeze picks up.  Stop-approaches to 15in with R4yd WNW 1.  Runs smoothly past level of R and rushes R to 1yd N C1.  Stops R to 3yd W 4 and gets rush on Y which is sent to 5yd WSW 6.  Splits Y to 1ft NE 3 and gets good rush on K, rushing it to 1ft straight.  Runs smoothly by 4yd and hits K.  Looks very comfortable and “should” reach 4b you would have thought.  But this is United and it is now quite hot.  K end sup 5yd WSW 6 and Aaron takes off to Y and approaches getting slightly W-angled but runs firmly leaving 5yd roquet on Y which he hits, cutting to N boundary 11yd W C3.  Splits Y to 3yd S 6 and gets 3yd rush S on K.  Rushes quietly to 3yd SE 5 which he cannot improve so takes off to R (3yd E 4) and rushes it to 2ft NW 4.  Stop approach to 6 inches, somewhat E-angled.  Goes hard and gets a rejection to 4yd ESE peg!  Must be a good 10yd of “rejected travel”.

7.            Toby shoots with Y (3yd S 6) at B and rushes it to 7yd W C4.  Sends B to 6yd ESE 2 and just falls short of a rush on K back to R.  So cuts K to 4yd N 4 and rolls it to 4yd NNW C4 getting a 2ft rush on R (2yd S 4) to just N of 1.  Rushes R into the E wire of 1 and it bounces back by 6in.  Makes 1 off R and hits it gently.  Splits R to 4yd S 3 and fails to get behind K.  Hits K to 3yd N C4.   Takes off to B ( 6yd ESE 2) and lands 2ft WSW of B so no rush to 2.  Plays roll approach, sending B to 6yd NNE 2 and Y to 1yd E-angled position.  Lines it up, takes stance, swings smoothly three times and then bangs it through to the boundary.  Rushes B to 4yd ENE 3.  Stops B to 4yd N 4 and gets 2yd W-angled  rush on R back to 3.  Plays it well and lands 4ft N of 3.  Approaches to 8in and runs the hoop smoothly hitting R as he does.  Chooses the roll to load 5 but goes too far.  R ends 4yd S of 5 and Y drifts past B.  Rolls up to 4 from 4 yds and lands 4ft straight – and bounces back by 4yd.

8.            K is 3yd N C4 and B is 7yd W K.  Aaron is in two (or more) minds about what it best.  Y is 8yd N of B and R is 9yd WNW of B.  So he plays K and misses B to 1ft N C1.

9.            The 7yd Y to R is unattractive so Toby shoots with R and centre balls Y to 12yd N C4.  Takes off to B and gets rush to C1 which he gets with B replaced 6in S of K.  Takes off to get rush to 1 and sends it 4ft past.  Approaches with split to 12in and K W of the 1-2 line.  Runs firmly and leaves 5yd return roquet.  Hits K firmly to 3yd W C1.  Takes off to behind B with care and just falls short of straight up the boundary .  Cuts B to 5yd S of 2 and approaches to 4ft straight.  Bangs R through to the boundary.  Hits 5yd rush on B to 4yd N of Y.  Splits B to 1ft N 4 and gets 4ft rush on Y to 3.  Rushes to 1yd SSW and takes off to 12in W-angled.  Runs firmly and takes wire so only has 2 yarder back on Y.  Rejects take-off to K 5yd SSW 1 and instead rolls Y to 2yd S 5 while going just past B.  Hits B gently and approaches to 15in W-angled.  Clubs through taking wire to the S boundary.  Hits 3yd return roquet on B to 2ft NW 6.  Takes off to Y and lands 3yd S.  Rushes Y to 2ft SW and approaches to 6i straight.  Runs past Y but Y is E of 5 and his rush is to C4.  K is still lonely near the S boundary.  Cuts Y to 5yd E 5.Plays big roll sending Y to 1yd E 1b and R 3yd NW B.  Rushes B to 4ft SSE 6.  Approaches to 8in almost straight and runs to 4yd beyond B which is 2yd N 6.  Hits rush not very hard and B lands 4yd NE 5.  Plays 90 degree split to send B 6yd N 2b and leave 3yd rush on Y.  Rushes to 2yd N 1b and approaches to 12in W-angled.  Runs hard and goes all the way round to 3yd W K.  Rushes K to 1ft N C1.  Splits K to 2yd WNW 3b while sending R to Y (4yd S 2), landing 4yd S.  Hits Y to 2yd WSW 2 and thinks about the merits of a take-off or a roll.  Goes for the bolder roll and sends Y to 1ft NE peg but R is 4yd N B.  Rushes B to 2yd NE 2b and approaches to 4ft N but runs hard and cleanly to the boundary.  Toby is looking rather good and confident at present.  R cuts B to 12yd N C1.  Rolls B to 1yd S peg and gets good rush on Y to 3b and K.  Rushes Y to 3yd W K – not ideal for a good leave.  So he square splits Y to 6yd SSE peg and rushes K to 18in SSW 3b.  Approaches to 6in with K 2yd N 3b.  Runs and hits K in the hoop stroke.  Toby is clearly, concerned about laying up on E boundary when Aaron is for 4.  Decides to split K to 6yd NNE 4 and gains 1yd rush on Y towards 2.  Cuts Y to 15yd S C2 and takes off to B, hoping to be able to rush it to just WNW peg to complete a reverse DSL.  R lands in perfect position and rushes B just past the wired spot.  Stops B almost in contact with the peg and drifts back to Y (for 4), leaving it a 1yd rush pointing at 4 offering a double for K. The only drawback is that B does not rush to 5.

10.         Aaron lifts K to C1 and hits Y.  Stops Y to 2 and gets a rush in R to 2yd ESE 1 (B is not rushable even to 1).  Takes off an d gets good position, runs 1 and hits R.  Half-rolls R to 1yd W 3 and gets to B, rushing it to 3yd S 6.  Takes off to Y and rushes it to 1yd straight.  Approaches to 1ft and sticks.

11.         Toby hits K with Y to 6yd S 2.  Rolls K to 1ft S 5 and gets 1yd rush on B due N.  Cuts B to 3yd N of R above 3.  Stop shots B to 2yd E 6 and holds a 1yd rush on R to 4.  Plays it well and R ends 2ft W 4.  Tales off to 12in and runs, as usual, to the boundary leaving a 6yd return roquet.  Stalks carefully and just nicks it westwards to 2yd W 5.   Takes off to K, rushes straight in front and gets 6in position with K just E of 5.  Runs and roquets K to 3yd S 5.  Sends K as an early 2b pioneer and rushes R to 2yd N peg.  Stops Y to 4yd SE 1b and gets rush on B, approaches to 12in and runs firmly hitting B in the hoop stroke, cutting B conveniently to 9yd E C2.  Underhits half-roll sending R S of Y and B ends 6yd W 6.  Takes off from 4yd SE 1b and falls well short of runnable position.  Decamps to C3.  Clips of death – 1b and 4b.

12.          Aaron hits 6yd B (for 4) at R, rushing R to 4yd N 2.  Takes off to K at 2b and gets 2.5yd rush pointing S of 4.  Doesn’t get any cut and K stops 3yd SW of 4.  Takes-off to 4ft slightly W-angled and runs a good hoop to the boundary.  Rushes  K gently to 2yd W 5 and split approaches to 1ft position with K 3yd NNW 5.  Runs smoothly past K and hits it to 7yd S 5.  Has a wander to examine his options with R near the N boundary just W of 2 and Y buried in C3.  The points are 15-6 in Toby’s favour and there is now only 95 minutes left.  He rolls K back to the S boundary and leaves a rush towards 2 for K on B.

13.          Toby now shoots with R and hits B.  This could be the decisive match deciding event as it may be many minutes before Aaron is back in – if he does, indeed.    B is topped to 4yd E 5 and R gains a 2ft rush on K to the N.  K exits the court 4yd W C3 where Y lies.  Takes off from K but fails to get beyond Y.  Takes on the 45 degree cut and lands 2yd S and a fraction E of 4b.  Goes for the load and hold and stops Y to 5yd getting 12in position.  Runs hard to the boundary and has 4yd roquet on K.   Hits K and splits K to 4ys WNW rover but over-approaches Y and has to rush it to 14yd S C3.  He ponders and eventually decides to take-off to B to get a rush back to penult.  Plays it perfectly and has a 18in straight rush.  Plays it well to 2yd N penult, just glancing off the E wire.  Stop approaches to 12in W-angled but runs hard down to 2yd beyond rover.  Turns round and hits 4yd cut on K to 6yd N of B.  Splits K to 9yd S 2 and gets rush on B to rover but leaves it 4yd short.  Approaches to 6in and clubs it to the boundary with 4yd return on B to come.  Cuts B to 14yd N C1.  Splits B to 5yd E peg and gets rush on K (9yd S 2) to middle of W boundary.    Takes off to Y sending K 3yd N and R goes past Y – is it still on court?  Yes – just.  Rushes Y to 8yd E peg and aims a narrow-split roll into C4.  Y is in C4 and R is only 4ft N of Y.  Should they have been further apart to impede Aaron’s chances of getting going?  70 minutes left.

14.          Aaron lifts K to A baulk and must hit to have a real chance of pulling this match back.  But he just misses on the right.

15.          Toby hits K with Y and stops it to 3yd NW C4 and gets a rush on R to N of B.  Rushes to 4yd N of B and splits R to 4ft NNE 2b and gets a rather vertical rush on B which he cuts hard to 2yd ESE 1b.  Great attempt.  Takes off to 12in straight and runs gently to leave a 1yd roquet on B.  One big roll to come.  He gets B to 5yd NNW 3b and falls 3yd short of R.  Rushes R to 5ft WNW 2b and stop approaches to 12in straight.  Runs hard to the boundary.  Once past 3b, this title is his to lose  Gently roquets R and splits it to 2yd SSE 4b and gets a 2yd rush on B to 3b or K but prefers to rush to 3b.  Approaches to 6in and runs past B leaving a rush back to C4 and K.  Takes the rush to 1yd N C4.  Stops B a little and rushes K to 12yd S 4b.  Splits K to 3yd NW penult and gets good rush on R to in front of 4b.  Runs with another hoop and roquet.  Splits R to 1yd N rover but falls short of K so has to approach from 3yd NW penult.  Plays a superb stop approach to 6in and runs gently onto the peg but just to the NE so he can roquet K which he does.  Takes off to R at rover, gets 6in position and runs to leave s short rush to the peg.  Rushes to 2ft SW peg and pegs out to win a great style.  A very fine performance and example of how to adapt tactics to cope with hard conditions.  Toby decided to trust his short roqueting and hence to run hoops hard and so prevent the fate that befell Aaron too often.

 Toby Garrison, 2 v Aaron Westerby, 1

Toby is now the NZ Open Champion.

Over and out.  


Notation - see also glossary

U, R, K, Y

Blue, Red, Black and Yellow balls

I, II, II, IV or
C1, C2, C3, C4

Corners 1, 2, 3, 4

N, S, W, E, SSE

Compass points where hoops 1 & 4 always lie at the South and 2 & 3 lie at the North end of a lawn

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