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Worlds Qualifiers Nottingham.

Commentator: Rob Edlin White

Results at: croquetscores.com

2013-08-08 16:52:32 


Report numbering went awry, I was so enthralled.

D takes off from red, leaving it near peg, and gets longish H3-b which she runs bya  ayard. Hits 9 yarder centre ball to beyond H4-b.
Takes off for position and runs to boundary 3 yards from red, with rush towards pentult. rushes well ... this could be a turnaround ... approaching penult from  less than a yard. Dead in front with R 2.5 yards - she'll try for control - perfect
rush misses peg by 6 inches, jumping in an old peg hole. appraching Rovery from  a yard or so - slightly anged - hoop and roquet
take-off to peg and finishes +1 

2013-08-08 16:33:33 

D makes angled H1-b to 3yard in front of H2-b and attempts hoop - slight blob, leaving 6 yarder from A baulk
J hits, makes 2-b and rushes well to 3-b. No forward rush from 3-b;; splits D to 1-b gettig 6 yard pos at 4-b. attempts it and misses to N boundary
D takes pos at H2-b
J takes pos at H4-b
D blobs H2-b but looks runnable
J has  3 yarder at H4-b which goes through and good pos at penult
D takes lift (which he'd forgotten!) from B-baulk; almost centre ball; rushes to beg high dead in front of H2-b.  approaches H2-b going short. blobs 3 yard hoop.
J could claim a wiring lift ... borderline. centre of blue is about 4 inches due east of  centre of hoop and 3 inches north. Ref grants lift. J takes pos at penult from b-baulk
D takes pos
J fails penult into centre jaws
D runs H2-b and gets good pos at H3-b
J runs penul to 1 yard  N and 2 fteet W of rover. Goes deliberately into jaws.
D shoots at ball in jaws and misses by a whisker to west boundary
J runs rover and tries to lag to 3 yards ENE of peg, looking for wired spot, but goes short
D has a 16 yarder must hit ...  clips it to wild applause (well... wild for croquet)

2013-08-08, 16:03:57

This could take a while. 1-ball was chosen as it's ostensibly a quick game! Debbie advancing gradually towards H1-b from WNW; John from ESE

Eventually John shoots and hits a snick of D's ball which was visible
Considers appraching 1-b from 2 yards west, but instead sends D's ball to  H3-b and takes position
lift conceded - I think because D's ball was right up against H3-b (though R at H1-b probably not visible anyway)
D misses lift to W boundary
J runs H1-b and hits D to about penult high on West boundary. Attempts roll to H2-b. 3 yards, 30 degrees. Retreats to midway between H3 and H4.
D takes (advanced) lift from B-baulk, taking position at H1-b
J shoots and misses into C2

Thu 08/08/2013 15:33

Eugene ChangBrilliant! To save time both players and manager agree to play a single game of 1-ball. (Advanced - with lifts etc)

Debbie starts with an 8 yard tice just off west boundary
John hits to peg high; approaches 1 sending blue to peg; clangs H1
Debbie chooses not to take (or forgets to take) wiring lift and misses to C1.
John makes H1 and takes position for H2
Debbie overhits for pos at H1
John runs H2 and gets fair position for H3
Debbie underhits for pos at H1
John (GC player!) runs H3 and gets short at H4
D takes pos
John fails H4 badly
D runs H1 and past H2 and takes good pos at H2
J pos at H4
D runs H2 and underhits for 2.5 yard pos at H3
J takes pos at H4
D takes pos at H5
J runs H4 and wanders down to H3 to see how good D's position is, then takes pos 3 yards in front of H5
D runs H3 hard to 3 yards in front of H4, and takes better pos
J misses 7 yarder to east boundary
D considers 6 yarder but runs H4 and takes pos well at H5 (2 feet, slight angle)
J misses 13 yarder
D makes H5 to 1 yard past H6; takes pos at H6
J takes 2 yard pos at H5
D runs H6 to boundary and gets good pos at H1-b
J runs H5 by 17 yards and hits 7 yarder to W boundary; sends blue to near 3-back failing to get in front of H6, so takes good pos
D guards boundary near 1-back
J runs 6 and lurks 2 yards WNW of H6
D advances a few feet towards 1-b, wired
taking it in turns to get closer to 1-b wired ...


Correction. +22 TP

Cornelius to play Christie to determine who is first and who second reserve

On 08/08/2013 15:09, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Jaws before 6, rush peel 4-b after H6, then sends to 2-b as the ball already towards 2-b was rather short.

after 1-b rushes into back of 1-b so takes off to loose ball and rushes to C1. Sends to 3-b to recover break but soe work to do to set up the penult peel

rushes to west boundary near H2 after making 2-b and recovers position to get penult peel before 4-b.

peels penult by a yard before 4-b.  other ball (penult pioneer)  is a another yard south, so ideal really.

rover pioneer a yard south of rover; peelee a yard north
gets forward-ish rush out of penult

Christian Carterpeels successfully from 2 feet, non-Irish, runs gently to side ball

Christian Carter beats John Christie +21TP and wins a place in the World Championships


Jaws before 6, rush peel 4-b after H6, then sends to 2-b as the ball already towards 2-b was rather short.

after 1-b rushes into back of 1-b so takes off to loose ball and rushes to C1. Sends to 3-b to recover break but soe work to do to set up the penult peel

rushes to west boundary near H2 after making 2-b and recovers position to get penult peel before 4-b.

peels penult by a yard before 4-b.  other ball (penult pioneer)  is a another yard south, so ideal really.

rover pioneer a yard south of rover; peelee a yard north
gets forward-ish rush out of penult

peels successfully from 2 feet, non-Irish, runs gently to side ball

Christian Carter beats John Christie +21TP and wins a place in the World Championships

On 08/08/2013 14:46, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Christian setting up a diag spread on lawn 1.
John's balls look neat; lagging back from peg to partner on east boundary, leaving himself 3 yards apart.
John's blue clip advanced to H5 as CC had promoted it from the jaws during the break.

JC misses long lift with black.

Cc starts second break with H2, black in C4.

Preparing for delayed triple by the looks of it; 2 balls by 4-back as he makes H5.

On 08/08/2013 14:29, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Harry's break progresses to 3-back with no peels attempted. Partner is pioneer at 4-b but I don't imagine he'll try STP ...

CC grovels through H4, ending through but in the jaws, but has a trivial roquet

Harry's trying to set up a vertical spread, but looking a bit puzzled at rover ... eventually peels Debbie's blue through H5 to achieve it. Lays up peg high (!) on east boundary

Slight drama on Lawn 1
CC rushes partner barely into jaws of H2, places ball for 1-b in contact but already having started running the hoop, tries to approach 1b by croqueting it clear and bouncing off the wire to get position, gets very angled, and has referee on. Succeeds with hoop and roquet.

Debbie shoots with penult ball from where it was at Harry but misses. Harry now on a finishing turn.

Harry Fisher  wins a place in the World championships; +17.

Thu 08/08/2013 14:10,  Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Debbie CorneliusCC fails to approach H1 and joins partner near C4.
JC misses partner near H3 into C3.
CC sets up break and attempting 5 yard backward take-off to H1.

On lawn 2, Harry making a leave after 3-back. Approx diag spread.
Debbie takes short lift with H2 ball and misses, so Harry has 3 clustered on east boundary and one by the peg.

CC makes H1 and should get going now.
Spoke too soon. Misses 5 yard return roquet to south boundary near H1.

A couple of misses later, JC rushes to H3 and makes it with CC joined up $ yards wide on west boundary near Ht. Strange choice ...
Takes off from partner in the middle nut doesn't get a good rush to H4. Good roll approach but fails H4 off red

On lawn 2, Harry's break is coming together at H4.

CC hits 20 yarder centre ball  from near C4 at oppo's ball in the middle (the ball which failed H4 was hidden). He's rushed to H1 with Red (yellow clip on H2) and now looks to be on a break.

08 August 2013 13:49, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

John Christie (JC) (blue and black) to East boundary .
Christian Carter (CC) to just outside C2.
JC misses partner from A baulk
CC shoots at JC's balls from A bulk and misses, leaving 3 together.

Debbie's got a neat 3 ball break at H 5, having left a ball behind at H3.
later for 1-b with 4th ball back in break.

JC approaches H1.has awkward approach to H1; declines and lays up with partner near C1. CC retires to near C4, so JC has rush to H1 but CC near corners 2 and 4. Makes H1 and H2 off partner and hits yellow in C2.
Fails H3 into jaws off partner. CC hits 12 yards from near H4 to C4, takes off to ball in jaws, and gets a good rush to H1

Missed something on lawn 2 due to helping manager with croquetscores.com, but debbie's leave wasn't as neat as this morning and Harry hit and has started a break. Now for H6 with all 4 balls.

On 08/08/2013 13:20, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Debbie plays blue to East boundary
Harry - longish duffer
Debbie misses gently
Harry shoots at double from A-baulk;and hits, snd black to H2 but gets wired by H6 on yellow, so scatters black
Debbie shoots at 7 yarder and misses to N boundary
Harry hits on North boundary, and rolls to yellow again still near H6. This time not wired! Rushes near  to blue on east boundary,  takes off, rushes to H1, makes it but v hampered, so joins partner on East boundary
Debbie his Harry's balls from in front of H2. with jponoeer at H1 I imagine this is a good opening

Other game not yet started.

my battery about to go so will be recharging in pavilion ...

On 08/08/2013 13:10, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Apologies if fonts out of kilter. Something odd on computer.

Playoffs will be starting shortly:

Lawn 2: Debbie Cornelius vs Harry Fisher
Lawn 1: Christian Carter vs John Christie

the two winners will qualify; the losers may have to play off for first ad second reserve places/

I've been asked if there will be some updates this afternoon.

If anyone else here would like to, I'd be more than happen to hand over


John Christie's break ought to go all round, which would leave Hort and Chang qualified, and a 4 way playoff for 2 more qualifiers and two reserves. It sounds like one reserve may get a place due to a possible withdrawal due to injury.

Playoff will involve Christian Carter, Debbie Cornelius, Harry Fisher and Christie or Woolnough.

there's some talk of those on 4 wins competing for a 3rd reserve position.

Christie on rover now ...

On 08/08/2013 12:41, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Christian Carter beats Joel +3.

Meanwhile, something has happened in woolnough/Christie game. Black (John) is for H2 and separated while Steve is joined up. John misses partner near H2; Steve (for 4 and 4-back)  rushes to H4 ad makes it; rushes to middle of East boundary and takes off to John's balls near H2.

Only about 25 mins left with 3.5 hour time limits. Didn't expect them to be relevant in what I'm told are relatively easy conditions. I think tim epressure is bringing out errors as well. Steve has just failed a relatively easy H5 and has let John in.

The winner will be on 5/7 and so have a place in payoff.

everyone else is having lunch.

John approaches H2 ... and runs it. That looks like it should be a break; taking croquet on west boundary by H2, with good pinoeer at H3 and red just off middle of east boundary. amazingly he does the split to H4 and red, very well ...

On 08/08/2013 12:29, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Joel attempting straight Rover peel now

christie has reach peg and one; Woolnough misses a long shot into C4 and Christie preparing a rush to H1 for a 3-ball break.

Joel's Irish peeled ok but SB stuck on wire. retreats to corner 1 with other 3 balls clustered south of rover. Christian (for peg and 4-back considers options and takes a short roquet with 4-b ball (green) leaving pink in C1.

John Christie makes H1 without control, and nails  a 7 yard return roquet centre ball. (Those Fenwick Eliot mallets ...)

now has a challenging croquet stroke to get a ball to H3 and a rush on ball near H6 to H2. H5 and peg seem to be in the way of SB

On 08/08/2013 12:17, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Correction. Peelee by peg was marked. Now replaced a yard inn front of Rover. He's now taking off from it 2 yards south of rover to H3-back pioneer. Missed something - did he attempt a rush peel?

Chrsitie back in play ...

Qualifiers established are Chang and Hort Patrick Hort

I think playoffs will be Debbie, Harry, (the comma was important there), winner of Woolnough/Christie and Christian if he wins.

Other games are complete:

Newell beat Tony hall (not Brydon) +22
Rigge beat Mooney +15
Matt Holmes beat Gale +15 - after a brilliant start with 3 TPs on day 1, Gale sadly fails to qualify

On 08/08/2013 12:07, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

I've been asked to put updated numbers; I'll start from 1.

the refereeing decision was that Christie has taken a shot at oppo's balls near C4 when one had been makred and was just off the lawn. He believed he would have taken the shot differently if the position of teh yellow had been known. He was eventually allowed to replay the shot, and missed.

Woolnough did just 2 hoops with his 2-back ball, and laid up with Christie's balls cross wired around H5 and hiw balls (for 3 and 4-back) with near H3 with a rush for the H3 ball. Christie hits long shot, approaches H1 but turns it down and goes to C4. Steve W shoots from near H1 at partner near H3. Christie misses from C4 at partner near middle of West boundary, Woolnough makes H3 and takes of to West boundary balls.

Joel  is making 2-back with 2 peels done, neat break and peelee by peg.

On 08/08/2013 11:56, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

elsewhere David Brydon is shaking hands with Evan Newell. Not sure who prevailed.

Joel's triple looks under good control now as he rushes to East boundary near 4-back after making H4, with a good pioneer at H5 and peelee through by a foot.

Christie stuck in 2-back after a backward take-off (pioneer wnet too deep) and Woolnough is in with his 2-back ball, with an easy start.

On 08/08/2013 11:50, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Refereeing seems to have finished and Steve W has an innings with yellow, now approaching H3 from C3. (Partner, Red, for 2-back) turns it down and joins partner near C4, leaving Christie a near double from 11 yards which he hits with blue. I think Blue for H6 and black for H6. Blue now making H6 with 3 ball break (and red near C4).

Joel has turned his break into a standard triple attempt; just lining up 4-b peel with escape ball comfortable but H4 pioneer 4 yards east of hoop.

On 08/08/2013 11:43, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

There seems to be some kind of refereeing discussion going on in the Christie/Woolnough game. turn my back for 3 minutes ...

Christian C has a leave and Joe has just hit a very long shot (corner 4 to 4 yards sounth of H6. Now has a good break set up with his H1 ball.

The other game seems to be stalled with discussions going on. I don't think I should pry too much. Ian vincent seems to have a book of laws open ...

P.S. My comments aren't just a vanity effort. I;ve had a number of appreciative provate replies.

Sam's emails from his phone are slow to arrive so I think he's leaving it to me.

On 08/08/2013 11:26, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Christie misses black with blue, creating a much wider wide join on east boundary.

Steve makes H2 with yellow, and something seems to have gone awry as he's 8 yards from blue with partner in lawn near 2-back. He joins partner. Blue misses 17 yarder at black down east boundary.

Christian's break proceeds,; just made rover and constructing a leave.

On 08/08/2013 11:20, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Debbie's made penult and seems to be finishing.

Cornelius beats Chang +26. Manager's job might have been easier if Chang had won!

christian just made 2-back with partner clip on 4-b; no peels.

Woolnough clanged 1-back off partner, with partner for H2. Christie's balls  are 10 yards apart on east boundary; blue for H6; black for H1..

On 08/08/2013 11:14, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Eugene has just narrowly missed a "short" lift from A baulk at Debbie's pink and white on East boundary.

Patrick has finished against Harry F whose shooting didn't seem quite as accurate / reliable as previously.

On 08/08/2013 11:10, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Hope that wasn't confusing; didn't realise Sam was commenting a bit as well.

He's probably too modest to mention he's finished with a 5th turn TP against Don Beck.

Debbie now making a  neat spread for penult and peg.

Steve Woolnough's break has progressed to H6. Christian just making H5.

On 08/08/2013 10:59, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

Lawn 1 has become a bit more interactive in both games; Debbie having missed a forward rush after H5 but recovering innings after Eugene missed. Now making 2 back but not obvious prospects of penult peel.

Patrick failed penult, but again recovered innings a turn later, has made Rover with black and making a leave.

Lawn 2: Christian is 1 and 4-back vs 1 and 4-back and just started a second break (vs Joel Taylor).

Steve Woolnough in play against John Christie - was 1 and 5 vs 1 and 6 a minute ago and Steve is just making H1 with backward ball. Correction - decided to retreat to partner on East boundary with oppo balls vagule at hoops 1 and 2 but only 12 yards apart.

On 08/08/2013 10:31, Rob Edlin-White wrote:

As I arrive, on lawn 1 Patrick Hort is on a TP against Harry Fisher; rushed oppo to H4 after making H1, executed a magnificent Hogan roll (amazing on slow lawns), rushes partner to 4B after making H2, jaws after 3, rush peel after 4.

Debbie Cornelius had first break against Eugene Chang and a neat diag spread. Chang misses to corner 4 and Cornelius rushing partner to H2. Now rushed partner behind 4 back with a ball just off south boundary behind hoop 4 (rushed there after making 1).

Elsewhere Christian Carter approaching H5 with break ahead.

I can look at a few more games and comment if anyone is interested ...



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