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There is a world-wide ranking system for croquet players which is based on the results of recognised competitions and tournaments. It is sanctioned by the World Croquet Federation (WCF) as the official world rankings. Currently only games played under Advanced Rules (i.e. not handicap, but 26-point games with lifts and contacts) are counted. Whilst records are kept of all players, only those who have played ten or more qualifying games in a season are listed and ranked.

The original ranking system was devised from the Elo system, used in chess, by Stephen Mulliner for the Croquet Association and was superceded on the 1st October 2011 by the "Dynamic Grading System".

Chris Williams, the Croquet Association's Ranking Officer maintains the ranking system. For information on how the rankings are derived see the Technical Section on this site - it is complex! Chris is to be commended for his diligence and immense labour in keeping the rankings going.

National ranking are produced by taking subsets from the world rankings. Because of the seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres there is a leap-frogging of the southern and northern players through the year

Chris Williams' Croquet Records site www.croquetrecords.com offers further croquet records and statistics. Popular pages include those giving player statistics and the instantaneous ranking lists:

The Butedock server is generally more up-to-date and has more facilities.

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